We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Ross Chapin Architects, the award-winning creator of GoodFit house plans. This collaboration allows us to offer a range of house kits that are different from our own designs in style, size and features, but are well suited as kits.We are currently offering six GoodFit designs as kits, and plan to expand our offerings in the near future. See what's included in a GoodFit Kit here. Please contact us with any questions you have about the plans and kit pricing. We hope to work with you on your new home, whether you use an existing or custom Shelter-Kit plan, or a GoodFit plan.

Quality, Easy-To-Assemble Kits for Homes, Cabins, Barns, Garages & Workshops for Over 48 Years!

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For over 48 years, it has been our mission to design and produce kit homes, cabins, barns, garages and garage/apartment combinations—specifically designed for assembly by amateur owner-builders. You may choose an existing plan from one of our galleries or our GoodFit plans, or contact us for other existing plans.  We can work from your sketches, or with plans you have purchased elsewhere.  We can also create a custom design for you.  We offer support before and during construction. 

Our kits include the precut materials required to construct a weather-tight shell on your foundation. We will precut and label every piece of your kit, (except horizontal siding) and write a custom Construction Manual. We do not include windows and doors in the base kit, but a wide selection of exterior doors and windows are available as options.  Other options include stairs, dormers, higher ceilings, loft floor openings, etc. Our optional double stud wall system will allow you to achieve an R-40 insulation rating in your house kit, using low cost and easy to install fiberglass.   This is the most cost-effective way to achieve high R-values. We do not include any interior materials, except sub-floors.

We can design for high wind, high snow, seismic and wildfire zones. Our kits meet the International Building Code for all 50 states and the Canadian Provinces, as well as state and local codes. We ship internationally.

Our kit buildings are carefully precut, allowing you to assemble your building quickly and error free, with substantial cost savings, and without power tools, lifts or cranes.   Our precut kits eliminate the hundreds of measurements, cuts and other operations that are necessary in other kits.  Because all the components of our kits are clearly labeled and designed for ease of handling and assembly, as few as two people can assemble the building, and the process can go quickly.  

Our home kit prices range from $28 to $49 per square foot of living space, depending on configuration, size and options.

We encourage you to send us an email at: shelterkit@gmail.com, give us a call at 603-456-3801, or visit us to discuss your needs. 

Let’s start with a no-cost conversation, or email exchange, about your ideas. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


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