About Us

“The building of the kit was truly a family and friends affair. We have tons of great photos and stories of putting the kit up.” -J.M. Ohio

Shelter-Kit has been designing and producing kit buildings, for assembly by owners with no prior building experience, for over 48 years. Our product line includes custom homes, one-story cabins and houses, our barn/garage kits, our 1, 1 1/2 or 2-story house kits, and our GoodFit house kits, all of which can be designed in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your requirements.  We design barn or garage kits that include living space. We produce ranch houses, colonials, capes, and more, to meet each customer’s specific requirements.  We will work with you on designing your building, help you obtain a building permit, and arrange shipping anywhere. We will be available to answer your questions before, during, and after construction.  We consider every order to be a special, custom order and we will work with you accordingly.  Lead times can be as short as four weeks, but will be longer in our busier seasons.

Our cabin, home, barn and garage kits include all the materials to build a complete, weather tight shell, including the frame, siding, sheathing, hardware, roofing and sub floors. Our house kits do not include windows and doors as part of the base price. Our kits are precut and predrilled, making them easy to assemble, in 3 to 15 days for many models. All materials are selected for quality and ease of assembly and fit, with the weight of each piece limited to what two individuals can handle.

All of the terms in the instructions are easily understandable by amateurs. Each building comes with a detailed Construction Manual. The manual includes drawings and step-by-step instructions, specifically created for each customer’s kit. Each of our kits can be customized to meet your individual requirements. We offer many options for building size, windows and doors, stairs, dormers, ceiling heights, cathedral ceilings, etc. Shelter-Kit porches, decks and a variety of custom additions can be added at any time-now, or in the future. We will be glad to work with you to meet your specific requirements.

We ship our kits to all 50 states, Canada and internationally. Canadian sales are duty free.

We encourage you to visit our Press Page to learn more about us.