For FAQs for a specific kit, please see the web pages for each of our kits.

Can amateurs really build your kits?

Yes. In the past 45+ years, over 85% of our kits have been built by people with no prior building experience. Our kits are precut and predrilled, which will save you a lot of planning, measuring and cutting time, and prevent errors. Every part of the kit is labeled with a part number for ease of identification. A detailed, customized Construction Manual is written for each kit, accompanied by easy to read drawings. Our manuals have been modified many times over the years based on customer experience and feedback. We offer free support before, during and after construction.

What is included?

Shelter-Kit® buildings include all of the materials required to construct a weather tight shell on your foundation: hardware, fasteners, framing, sheathing, floors, roofing, flashing, drip edge and trim. Our kits do not include windows and doors as part of the base price. All materials are hand selected, carefully cut to precise dimensions, labeled, and packaged in easily identifiable bundles that two people can carry. We do not cut clapboard, or other horizontal siding. An illustrated Construction Manual describes each step, from the construction of a foundation to the installation of the roof, all in simple, easy-to-understand language. Depending on the kit, options include doors, windows, skylights, stairs, dormers, loft floor openings and our double-stud wall system to allow for higher insulation values. We will gladly work with you on the design of your kit, including your floor plan.

Do you ship kits to Canada?

Yes, we can ship to all parts of Canada.  There are no duty fees on shipments to Canada, and we meet the Canadian and provincial building code requirements.

What kind of foundation is required?

The foundation can consist of a series of concrete piers, a continuous concrete wall with a crawl space or full basement, or a concrete slab. A pier foundation has a minimal impact on the site and usually does not require the use of heavy equipment: hand tools can be used to dig holes and construct the concrete piers. A plan for your specific foundation will be provided well in advance of the delivery of your kit.

How long will it take to assemble?

Most of our kits can be assembled by two people in about 5 to 25 days, depending on the kit. We would be glad to discuss this with you in more detail. No cranes, lifts or power tools are typically required.

Will your kits meet building codes?

Our kits meet the latest International Building Code, as well as state and local variations of the Code.  We suggest that you talk with your local building officials about permit requirements, including wind and snow loads for your site.  If required, we can also provide detailed engineer-stamped drawings and calculations for all 50 states and all Canadian provinces. Engineer-stamped drawings may be ordered when you order your kit, or at a later date. Please contact us about drawing prices.

What is the lead-time?

Lead time are generally 4-6 weeks, but will be longer in our busier seasons. We suggest that you contact us for current lead times. We will work with you to meet your schedule requirements.

Are other floor plans available?

Our kits allow for a wide variety of floor plans. You can create your own floor plan to meet your needs, or work from standard floor plans. We will be glad to work with you to create the floor plan that works best for you.

How is the kit shipped?  What does shipping cost?

The kit is shipped by truck. Generally, we use one of a few private carriers that we have worked with for many years. They guarantee competitive prices and the assurance of a safe, on-time delivery. Shipping costs are in addition to the price of the kit. Shipping costs will range from $1,000 in our immediate area, to $4,000 or more for areas on the West Coast.  Some specific areas may cost more. We will be glad to provide a shipping quote. When the truck arrives at your site, you are responsible for unloading it. Four adults should be ready to unload the kit.

Can I buy just the Construction Manuals or plans?

No. Construction Manuals and plans are only available as part of the kit. They describe in detail the assembly of the individual parts that have been manufactured for your specific building.

Why should you buy a kit building from Shelter-Kit?

  • We have been in business for over 48 years
    We have had a lot of experience designing buildings to customers’ specific requirements. We have a very clear purpose and mission: designing and manufacturing kit buildings primarily for assembly by owners with no prior building experience. In the process of working with our customers, we have continuously refined our instructions and kit details to make your project more successful. We provide you with information and assistance to make your project successful. We welcome calls and e-mails from our customers before, during and after their building project.
  • Our buildings are pre-cut and specifically designed for owner assembly—and are unlike other kits, for the following reasons:
    • They are easy to assemble and are error free. The required construction techniques are easy. All joints are designed for an easy fit. Our post & beam frames are much easier for amateurs, and allow for more flexibility in your interior floor plan and door and window placement.
    • All of the terms in the instructions are easily understandable by amateurs. Our customers will work from our drawings and step-by-step instructions, instead of difficult to read blueprints.
    • All of our kits are a complete, weather tight shell. Customers can chose to delete components, including windows, doors, roofing, etc., and buy those locally.
    • All materials are selected for quality and ease of assembly and fit. The weight of each piece is limited to what two individuals can handle. The kits are made of individual pieces, and are not “panelized”.  No cranes or lifts are required.
  • We only use high quality materials
    We very carefully select each piece of lumber. It is very important to us that each piece is square and true, to make assembling your kit as easy as possible.
  • We custom design nearly every kit for each customer’s specific requirements-
    We offer distinct types of cabins, houses, barns and garages each of which will be custom designed to meet your requirements. Options include many styles and brands of windows and doors, dormers, loft floor openings, Tees and Ells. Please see the web pages for each of our kits for more information.