You’ll be glad you chose Shelter-Kit.

We’ve been in business for 47 years, and we’ve never had a dissatisfied customer!

The reasons are simple: Shelter-Kit houses, barns, and garages are easy to build, can save you thousands of dollars, are constructed with the highest quality materials, and come backed by our guarantee.

…and they also come recommended by those who have them!

“Very happy with your product!” -M.B. Massachusetts

“I’ll be happy to sing your praises to any prospect you want to send.” -L.V. New York

“Thanks for your help. I’m very satisfied with the building.” -M.V. New Hampshire

“I only have good things to say about the experience.  “A” and I already want to build more…” -K.M. West Virginia

“Thank you.  It has been a wonderful adventure” -C.C. Washington

“The Shelter-Kit is up and the sliding doors work beautifully. It was a great experience and it’s a beautifully designed cabin.” –P. S. Vermont

“We’re extremely satisfied with your fine service and excellent product. We will be in touch with you regarding a garage probably within one or two years.” –W. M., New Hampshire

“We are completely delighted with the cabin. Tropical storm Doria came along immediately upon completion to prove that Unit One’s roof and walls were tight and waterproof. Naturally we want to expand this summer. Congratulations on a very well planned structure.” –J. B., London, England

“I love the simplicity and clean lines of the house! I was impressed by the ease of putting it together. The instructions were easy to follow and the pieces were clearly marked. You have a fine product and I have very much enjoyed doing business with you.” –K. E., Vermont

“The Barn is great! I can’t think of any way to improve on it. I greatly appreciate the extra effort in squeezing my barn into your production schedule so we could build on Labor Day weekend. I tell everyone where it came from.” –R. F., Massachusetts

“The Barn is finished! Everyone who has seen it has remarked about the excellent design and construction and the quality of materials.” –M. L., Connecticut

“Our Unit One went up with very little difficulty. For a novice, that’s the greatest way to build a house I’ve ever seen. I hope you become rich and famous. You certainly deserve it.” –C. S., Pennsylvania

“You have sold me a magical house. Just when I’ve needed help, someone drives in, oh’s and ah’s and lends a hand for an hour!” –S. M., Massachusetts